DEA agent arrested after filming himself with a gun as he stormed the Capitol – .

DEA agent arrested after filming himself with a gun as he stormed the Capitol – .

Drug Enforcement Administration special agent arrested after allegedly carrying his gun and waving a flag reading “Liberty or Death” as he joined a crowd storming the US Capitol grounds on January 6 .
According to federal prosecutors, Mark Sami Ibrahim was on leave and was not acting as a law enforcement officer on the Capitol grounds that day.

Charging documents include photos posted on WhatsApp -om a group chat with at least five other police officers – and surveillance footage that appears to show Mr Ibrahim posing with his badge and gun and climbing overheads. monuments on the grounds of the Capitol.

He was arrested on July 20 and charged with entering and staying in a building or restricted land with a gun, entering the Capitol grounds with a gun and walking and climbed on statues on the grounds of the Capitol.

Mr. Ibrahim has also been charged with misrepresenting, following an interview in March with the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Justice.

During the teleconference interview, Mr Ibrahim admitted to being on Capitol Hill with his DEA credentials and firearm, but denied posting them, according to federal prosecutors.

“I had my credits. I had my gun and my badge with me, ”he told investigators, according to indictment documents. “But never exhibited… Not to my knowledge. “

He said he went to the riot with a friend, who he said was asked by the FBI to document the event – something his friend denied, according to federal prosecutors.

“According to the friend, Ibrahim crafted this story about how his friend was on Capitol Hill helping the FBI and Ibrahim was there to help him,” prosecutors said.

They were “not there officially for the FBI and the FBI was not giving him instructions or walking orders,” according to documents. Mr. Ibrahim designed the story to “cover his ass,” his friend said, according to prosecutors.

His friend told investigators Mr. Ibrahim intended to promote himself at the event to launch a “political podcast and cigar brand,” prosecutors said.

Mr Ibrahim was suspended from the DEA in March.

In an interview with Fox News this month, Mr. Ibrahim said that after the January 6 attack, he “took a flight back to LA. My badge and gun were taken from me. I was escorted off the premises to my apartment like a criminal, and was fired after being suspended for two months, for performance issues.

He said he “started documenting everything and, through my friend, we handed everything over to the FBI so that these criminals could be brought to justice” when “the crowd started being hostile to law enforcement. ».

In a statement to The independentattorney Darren Richie said Ibrahim “looks forward to vigorously defending himself against every charge.”

“The prosecuting authorities in this case have clearly pronounced on this indictment with regard to the behavior of Mr. Ibrahim who has always remained peaceful and docile; there is no evidence or allegation to the contrary, ”he said.

Mr. Richie added: “Mr. Ibrahim played no role in any riot. He has never committed violence, attempted to enter buildings, or instigated or encouraged others to do so. In addition, Mr. Ibrahim remained honest and willingly cooperative with the authorities. “

He said the US Department of Justice indictment “resulted from conjecture, political pressure, and a mistaken attempt to paint a specific narrative through images taken totally out of context.”

“Mr. Ibrahim firmly believes that the truth will always prevail,” he added. “Although he now has to defend accusations that should never have been brought, he plans to share his truth loud and clear to pronounce his innocence as well as his love for this country. “

More than 500 people have been arrested in connection with the riot, which aimed to stop the certification of millions of American votes in a violent violation fueled by Donald Trump’s baseless narrative that the 2020 presidential election brought him down. was “stolen” from him and his supporters.

The latest charges bring the number of law enforcement officers on leave charged in the assault to more than 20, following the recent arrests of a father-son duo of Florida police officers.


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