David Brown Mini Remastered Oselli Edition 2021 UK examen – .

David Brown Mini Remastered Oselli Edition 2021 UK examen – .

The interior is nicely finished with fixed-back bucket seats and a half-cage (and harness options), though none of this changes the Mini-ish riding position, or the fact that despite it it’s a small car, you don’t feel cramped.

It is only 3.05m long and 1.47m wide, but the windshield is away from you like a modern Mini, while there is a short-legged, long-arm riding position. with a steeply inclined wheel that you get used to very quickly.

Likewise, the staggered but deftly weighted pedals, which lend themselves to the heel and toe you’ll need given that this SU dual carb motor doesn’t want to run cleanly under heavy loads below around 3,000 rpm. , while after that it drives impeccably clean up to a red line at 6500 rpm.

At full throttle, or indeed at partial throttle or no throttle, the non-power steering turns but still lets you know what it’s about, and because there is some compliance and rolls in the chassis, even though it is a car under 800 kg, direction the weight, feel and feedback are built in a linear fashion.

On track, this translates to a car that focuses on its front end (as I understand classic racing Minis often were). When you turn for the first time, on a throttle or trailed brake, the Oselli edition is very mobile and from the apex, under tension, the steering becomes a bit more sticky and the front grips extremely well. , while the rear somehow hangs behind, drifting around foursquare as if it were a trailer or on casters.


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