Data Shows Australia’s New International Arrivals Ceiling Toughest Yet

Data Shows Australia’s New International Arrivals Ceiling Toughest Yet


Australia’s new limits on international travel appear to be the toughest since the introduction of restrictions on inbound passengers, according to an analysis by Guardian Australia.

The limit on the number of international arrivals entering Australia via commercial flights, the so-called ‘passenger cap’, will be halved from July 14 due to concerns of some prime ministers about the Delta variant. of Covid-19.

The reduced cap means that the weekly intake in state and territory is reduced from the previous cap of 6,370 (which included 300 additional places for vulnerable people to return via Brisbane) to 3,070. While the reduction needs to be reconsidered by Aug. 31, Scott Morrison has indicated that she will be in place at least until the end of the year.

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Even taking into account the number of places available for people in quarantine at the Howard Springs facility, which takes passengers on repatriation flights organized by the Commonwealth and domestic travelers to the NT, the limit on arrivals will be the strictest. since the start of the pandemic with the exception of a few days in February when Victoria stopped accepting international flights while other states cut their travel limits in half.


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