Dane Scarlett scores as Nile John shines – .

Dane Scarlett scores as Nile John shines – .

Joe Hart
Very little to do in the first half other than picking a few balls in the air. 6

Kallum Cesay

Another young all-rounder from Spurs, he covered the left flank well but didn’t have too many opportunities to enter the attacking zones. 6

Cameron Carter Vickers

Returning for another Spurs preseason, the 23-year-old handled what happened well, including a major interception just before the break. 7

Eric Dier

Captain of the day and he was not too disturbed in the first half by the attackers from the East. 6

Maksim Paskotsi

A central defender by nature but playing at right-back, the 18-year-old Estonian international, like Cesay, has mostly been used in a defensive role. 6

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John of the Nile

With permission to go forward, he touched Winks’ early pass on a defender to see his low shot saved by the goalie. Always on the hunt for the ball, he was one of Spurs’ brightest players in the first half. A long shot repelled by the keeper around half an hour. 8

Harry winks

Playing the starter role, he sprayed a perfect diagonal bullet into John’s path for an early chance. Was a busy presence in front of the last four. 7

Lucas Moura

He circled the pitch with his usual energy and played a perfect deep ball into Scarlett’s path to score before half-time. which gives him an extra point. 7

Dele Alli

Looking bulkier in his upper body after all of his summer work, he struggled to make a big impact on the game despite being often deep to retrieve the ball. 5

Steven Bergwijn

Lots of runs to the left, trying to get to the end of the balls over, but like Alli he struggled to make a real impact in the first half. 5

Danish Scarlett

The 17-year-old sent a header over the crossbar from Lucas’ corner. He dodged a lot and got his reward just before half-time, running over Lucas’ deep ball and hitting a low left-footed shot inside the post. It was a mature finish that showed why everyone at the club is so excited about him. 8

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