DA and school board recall efforts bring out worst in sci with taunts and alleged thefts and batteries – .

DA and school board recall efforts bring out worst in sci with taunts and alleged thefts and batteries – .

Almost every day for weeks, I received emails, social media posts, or in-person requests asking why nothing happened to the man with the red glasses captured in a viral video seemingly admitting to having scanned signed petitions to qualify a recall of three school board members for the ballot.

Well, finally, there is an update. The police department’s special investigations division has completed its investigation into this case, as well as another in which police cited a woman suspected of bodily harm after she allegedly threw a pen at a woman collecting signatures for call back the district attorney. The ministry presented the two cases for prosecution.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office has referred the cases to the California Attorney General’s office, which has accepted the two and will handle the prosecutions, according to Police Department spokesman Matt Dorsey.
“Both investigations are open and active and will not be officially closed until they are closed by arrest,” Dorsey said.

It is sad that our civil discourse has reached such low levels and that San Francisco, which prides itself on being compassionate and enlightened, has joined the kind of immature attacks we more often associate with supporters of Donald Trump.

The best way to fend off a recall of a public servant you support is to campaign on their behalf, organize rallies to support them, speak out on social media, donate to their campaign, and donate. volunteering. And to be clear, people supporting the recall of school board members and Boudin can be just as rude on Twitter and elsewhere. Grow up, everyone.

Some San Franciscans have questioned why it is taking so long for cases to be processed, but Police Chief Bill Scott said the department still takes incidents seriously.

“Any time you disturb the democratic process, it is serious,” he said. “It’s the voice of the people we strive with. We have completed our investigation and we will let the rest of the system do its job.

The attorney general’s office did not return requests for comment.


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