Crazy Glow in the Dark golf course with neon cocktail bar opens just outside Bristol – .

Crazy Glow in the Dark golf course with neon cocktail bar opens just outside Bristol – .

If you think golf is a boring game played by middle-aged men over four years old, think again.
There is a new attraction which has opened just 20 minutes from Bristol and it is likely to find a whole new audience for golf.

Inside the old marine aquarium, in the shadow of the large Weston-super-Mare pier, is a nine-hole glow in the dark crazy golf course. It’s part of Revo, a sleek new kitchen and bar, and even includes its own bar with glow-in-the-dark cocktails.

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Alex Michael, Managing Director of Revo, said: “If we were to use the entire floor space of the restaurant we would have over a thousand seats, so we wanted to include something that would appeal to a lot of people. “

With holes that come with neon, scrap metal, and Terminator themes, among many others, this golf course does just that.

The course was designed by Deborah Mitchell, while a graffiti artist known as ‘Ghost’ came to spray paint the walls and make sure each hole is unique and has its own theme.

The Terminator Inspired Hole in Revo

Most of the holes include mechanisms that bring the course to life. You also have a chance to win another free round if you score enough bonus points on the last specially designed hole.

With his own bar, Alex also said the potential for large group bookings is something they are considering going forward.

The course is priced at £ 5 for adults and £ 3.50 for children.

AGM Holdings, which also owns the Grand Pier, opened Revo on June 15.

After the aquarium closed two years ago, it was up to Alex and his colleagues to tear off the inside, a project that lasted five weeks.

Alex expressed his thanks to the Weston community and hoped that support would continue to grow once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted on July 19.

Outside the Crazy Golf Course is a beach cafe and restaurant with stunning views of the Severn Estuary.

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The all-day restaurant has around 300 seats and offers a range of tasty treats from seafood to freshly baked cakes.

For more information on Revo, you can visit their Facebook page here.


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