Covid vaccine certificates will be required for crowded places in England

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Vaccine passports will be required to enter crowded places such as nightclubs in an extraordinary U-turn announced by Boris Johnson hours after clubs were allowed to open for the first time in 16 months.

In a move that prompted an immediate reaction from Tory backbench and entertainment MPs, the PM said that from the end of September, once all adults have had a chance to receive two vaccines , Covid vaccine certificates would be made mandatory in England.

“I have to report now that by the end of September, when everyone over 18 has had a chance to receive a double shot, we plan to make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and the like. places where large crowds gather, ”he said.

Unlike pilot events, where clients have been allowed to show evidence of a negative test, they will have to prove they have been duplicated amid government concerns about vaccination among young people. Some 35% of 18-30 year olds are not vaccinated, he said.

Speaking directly to younger people, Johnson said: “Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to increasingly depend on vaccination. “

Less than 18 hours after nearly all of Covid’s restrictions were officially removed, allowing clubs to open and ending mandatory masks and social distancing, the PM expressed concern over what he called the “continuing risk posed by nightclubs”. Just after midnight on Sunday, thousands of revelers were photographed dancing in clubs across the country as they celebrated ‘Freedom Day’.

Johnson was giving a press conference from Checkers, where he is self-isolating after contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who tested positive for Covid.

The Prime Minister spoke alongside England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam and Chief Science Advisor Sir Patrick Vallance, both of whom set a somber tone on the challenges ahead .

Vallance said hospitalizations could potentially increase “much more” than 1,000 per day, as lifting restrictions allows for greater socialization, while Van-Tam has repeatedly stressed the risks of unvaccinated people congregating in clinics. crowded indoor places.

Asked what would happen if the NHS struggled to cope over the summer, Van-Tam said the Science Advisory Committee on Emergencies (Sage) should make recommendations, which could focus on ” close contacts inside ”.


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