Covid passports should not apply to Commons deputies, President announces – .

Covid passports should not apply to Commons deputies, President announces – .

MPs warned ministers that it would be “scandalous” to make Covid vaccine passports a requirement for MPs to attend the House of Commons.

The House of Commons would regularly host more than half of the 650 MPs before the pandemic, and ministers have said they want to revert to a ‘cheek by cheek’ put in place after recess.

However, that would make him a prime candidate for mandatory Covid passes, which ministers say will be used for all sites with “a large number of people”.

Mark Harper, who chairs the lockdown-skeptical Covid Recovery Group, warned his “definition could also apply to this House of Commons,” especially during PMQs.

“It would be outrageous if the executive tried to prevent any member of parliament from attending this assembly to represent our constituents without first undergoing a medical procedure. “

He called on Sir Lindsay Hoyle to channel his Civil War-era predecessor and stand up to the “overpowered executive”.

The president replied, “This also led to the end of the monarchy, I might add, for a short time, so let’s hope we don’t go back that far. “

He added: “I have had no indication that the government considers that the policy it has mentioned should apply in this House. Nothing prevents a member from entering here; you have the right to come to this House unless this House says otherwise.

“The government has not been in contact. I don’t expect them to be in touch because, as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t apply to members. “

Speaking to Sky News earlier today, Sir Charles Walker said he would vote against any legislation allowing mandatory passes for Covid, warning that they were ‘the thinner end of the corner’ and could be deployed more widely.

“At some point in the fall, most reception venues will need a vaccination passport and we’ll see if that avoids the lockdown,” he added. “I suspect we will get both vaccine passports and lockdowns. “

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