COVID news live – latest updates: Grant Shapps insists self-isolation rules ‘save lives’ amid calls to move forward on August 16

COVID-19: Coronavirus testing “will not be mandatory” for fully vaccinated people to avoid isolation if “ping” from August 16

Shapps: We had to make a decision on France – and it was roughly in the north of the country – not just Reunion
Grant Shapps is asked about Team GB’s Olympic medals in Tokyo this morning and additional funding to promote cycling and walking this summer.

On COVID and France being on the ‘orange list plus’ he says:’ Usually decisions are made on a three week basis, but, we’ve always said, when new evidence emerges … we don’t. not. Don’t sit on this information.

“The decision on France was because of the Beta variant. As soon as the information is there, we must act on it. “

Pressed on why the decision was made in part due to the increase in cases on Reunion Island, thousands of kilometers from France, he said: “It was also a problem in the North of France.

“It has been a global concern. We don’t want to allow a variant that escapes the vaccination program that we have. “

He says he understands the frustration with traveling, adding, “We’re moving in the right direction, I know it’s painful, but I think your viewers want us to be careful. “

Asked about companies requiring employees to be vaccinated, he replied: “Yes, it’s a good idea, and yes some companies will require it, but we are not going to make this legislation. “

And he refuses to be drawn on the upcoming self-isolation exemption date according to Scotland and Wales, saying: “The reality is that people who go into self-isolation saved a lot of lives.

“We’re a little cautious about this and right now, [16 August] is the date. ”


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