COVID-19: Indian family rescued after confining themselves to a tent for 15 months over fear of coronavirus

COVID-19: Indian family rescued after confining themselves to a tent for 15 months over fear of coronavirus

Indian police rescued a family after being confined to a tent for nearly 15 months because they feared they might be infected with the coronavirus.

Officers reached the family on Wednesday in the village of Kadali, Andhra Pradesh, finding them on the verge of death and in “very pathetic” condition.

The head of In the event that village, Choppala Gurunath, said a mother and her two children locked themselves in the tent nearly 15 months ago after one of their neighbors died COVID-19[feminine[feminine.

India has officially recorded a death toll of 418,987 and 31.26 million cases. Photo file

“Chuttugalla Benny’s family, his wife and two children have resided here. They were afraid of crowned so they locked themselves in the house for almost 15 months, ”Mr. Gurunath told the ANI news agency.

“Any volunteer or worker from ASHA (Association for Social and Health Promotion) who went to this house came back because no one answered. Recently, some of their relatives informed that three people have locked themselves in this house and that their health is in poor condition. ”

Mr Gurunath named Mr Benny’s isolated family members as Ruthamma, 50, Kanthamani, 32, and Rani, 30.

He said he found out about the family’s situation when a volunteer went to take his thumbprint after receiving housing land under a government program.

“After learning about the case, we rushed to this place and informed the police,” he added.

“Rajole Krishnamachari’s sub-inspector and the team came to help them. Their condition was very pathetic when they left.

“Their hair grew without any grooming, it didn’t wash for several days. We immediately took them to the government hospital. Now they are undergoing treatment in the hospital. “

He said the family would have died if they had continued to self-isolate for two or three more days.

“Their case came to light when our village volunteer went to their home to take their thumbprint as they were assigned a housing site. When he called them, they denied going out, saying they would die if they did. The volunteer had informed us of the case, and we rushed to this place.

“The family stays inside the small tent, they even witnessed the calls of nature in this small tent. We transferred them to hospitals with the help of the villagers and the police. Now they are undergoing medical treatment. “

India has suffered the second highest number of coronavirus deaths after the United States, with 418,987 deaths and 31.26 million cases.

However, research has suggested that the true death toll may be 10 times the official figure, with most experts believing India’s official death toll to be grossly underestimated.


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