COVID-19: Double blow in Wales will not have to isolate from August 7 – nine days earlier than in England

COVID-19: Double blow in Wales will not have to isolate from August 7 – nine days earlier than in England

Fully vaccinated adults in Wales will no longer have to self-isolate if they come in close contact with someone with coronavirus from August 7.

The Welsh government intends to ease self-isolation rules for those who are double bitten on the same day the country is expected to move to zero COVID alert level.

That’s when almost all restrictions will be lifted across Wales.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford to change rules to ‘keep Wales safe and functioning’

By removing the need for self-isolation for fully vaccinated adults who come in close contact with someone infected on August 7, Wales is easing rules faster than other parts of the UK.

In England, such a rule change will not come into effect until August 16.

And, in Scotland, double-bitten adults will be exempt from quarantine if someone has close contact with COVID from August 9.

The Welsh government has said those under 18 will also be exempt from the need to self-isolate if they are also identified as close contacts of a positive case.

But all people who test positive for the coronavirus or show symptoms must continue to self-isolate for 10 days, whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Anyone identified as a contact of a positive case will continue to be invited for a PCR test on the second and eighth day, whether or not they are fully vaccinated.

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Sunak: “Stick with” the rules of self-isolation

Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said: “Self-isolation on symptoms or a positive test result continues to be a powerful measure to help break chains of transmission and stop the spread of the virus.

“It is important that we keep this, even for people who have been fully vaccinated.

“But we know that a full cycle of the vaccine gives people protection against the virus and that they are much less likely to contract it when identified as close contacts. This means that they no longer need to isolate themselves for 10 days.

“We can remove the need for self-isolation for the two million adults who have completed their vaccination course, helping keep Wales safe and working. “

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“There is a pingemia because there is a pandemic”

In England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced growing calls to stop waiting until August 16 to drop the self-isolation requirement for the double sting amid fears of a ‘pingemia’ stop businesses and transport networks.

A record 689,313 alerts were sent to users of the NHS COVID-19 app in England and Wales in the week leading up to July 21, according to the latest figures.

Ping alerts let people know that they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

But Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Thursday ruled out advancing the planned change in self-isolation rules in England.

“I completely appreciate the frustration people have with all of this,” he said.

“But I think it’s the right approach, as we get out of the restrictions, to do it in a careful way that protects us and that’s what it does. “

He added: “What I would say to people is, listen, I know it’s frustrating, but please stick to it, it’s only a few more weeks and we can all get together. hopefully expect a great summer. ”


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