Covid-19, cyber attacks, infrastructure, Haiti, Surfside – .

Covid-19, cyber attacks, infrastructure, Haiti, Surfside – .

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2. Cyber ​​attacks

The United States and its allies in Europe and Asia have accused China of widespread cyberspace embezzlement, including through a massive hack into Microsoft’s messaging system and other ransomware attacks. This is a significant escalation in the White House’s fight against cyberattacks, but the Biden administration has yet to decide how, or if, it will punish Beijing for these alleged hacks. China called the charges “politically motivated libel.” Meanwhile, a large law firm with an array of prominent corporate clients announced that it was hit with ransomware in February. Campbell Conroy & O’Neil said the hack may have leaked critical information such as social security numbers, health insurance information, and even biometric data (which may be fingerprints).

3. Infrastructures

President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill is in jeopardy as Democrats attempt to rally a united front to pass it in the Senate and Republicans grow impatient with the process. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a test vote tomorrow for the bill. But Senate GOP leaders are threatening to block that vote unless the negotiators drafting the bill can come to an agreement. In June, the White House and a bipartisan Senate group agreed to a $ 579 billion framework to build roads, bridges, railroads and airports, as well as water infrastructure projects, electricity and broadband. But lawmakers argued over how to pay, and the plan was repeatedly slashed.

4. Haiti

Haiti’s interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph has agreed to step down amid a power struggle that has gripped the nation since the shocking assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7. Joseph negotiated with his political rival Ariel Henry over who should lead. Now Henry will become Prime Minister, Joseph will retain his original role as Haiti’s Foreign Minister, and work begins to reform Haiti’s hollow governing bodies. Henry has promised Haitians a new coalition government and is urged to hold elections as soon as possible. But some activists and civilian groups fear that in the current political environment, free and fair elections are simply not possible.

5. Condo collapse

Search teams reach the bottom of the wreckage of the collapsed condominium building in Surfside, Florida, but say they won’t stop until every victim is located. As the community mourns, investigators and structural engineers prepare to take a close look at the collapse, which will not be fully possible until the research is completed. Experts say there are several possible theories as to how the collapse happened. The disaster has sparked new fears among other residents of the region – and the roughly 30 million condominium residents across the country – about the structural integrity of their buildings.


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