Corrie actor sends sweet message to his ‘sad and angry’ co-star Samia Longchambon – .

Corrie actor sends sweet message to his ‘sad and angry’ co-star Samia Longchambon – .

Coronation Street actress Samia Longchambon received a cute message from her co-star on the cobblestones after admitting she felt “sad and angry”.
Samia, who plays Maria Windass on the longtime ITV soap opera, took to Instagram to share a gorgeous comeback snap.

The 38-year-old looked in a good mood when she was seen smiling and relaxing on vacation in France last summer.

But in reality, she was in a very different mood at the time of posting.

” That’s all. Reading news of everything that is going on in the world makes me sad and angry today so I stay away from it, ”she shared with her followers on social media.

“A slight relief is needed… Does anyone have any good news / fun facts to share please?

Samia Longchambon asked fans to share their good news with her



She added: “Pic is a #throwback of a beautiful sunny evening in France last summer .. oh to be there again now! “

And Corrie star Dan Brocklebank, who plays Archdeacon Billy Mayhew, was one of the first to comment on her post.

He said to me: “I am going to give you good news my darling: life will become beautiful again. I’m sure I send you so much love. “

A grateful Samia replied, “The biggest hugs. “

The actress then received an abundance of messages from her fans who wanted to share their happy thoughts, with some sharing pregnancy news and others celebrating milestone birthdays.

Fans who didn’t share personal news offered positive thoughts instead.

One fan commented: “Life is tough, but so are you. “

“Enjoy the sun because you are the sun,” wrote another.

And a third wrote: “The movie star looks naturally beautiful. Take care of yourself my darling. “

The post comes a month after Samia shared positive news on social media.

Samia showing off her new diploma



She revealed that she passed her course and received a certificate to study Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Showing her beaming smile while holding up the certificate, Samia said, “I’m a little proud of myself and wanted to share.

“After 8 months of studies I obtained my diploma in CBT! (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

“I’ve tried a lot of different ways to deal with my #anxiety over the years so it’s really good to learn from the other side how this type of therapy works!

“I hope that now I can help myself and help others in the future. “


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