Coronavirus Live: Sajid Javid Slammed for Remarks on Covid Recovery; Italy registers 5,000 more cases

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the UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been criticized for saying people should no longer ‘curl up’ against the coronavirus after announcing he had ‘fully recovered’ from Covid-19.

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy accused him of ‘insulting’ people who followed the rules to protect others, while Lib Dems told him to apologize to those who protected themselves because they are particularly vulnerable to the disease.

Javid, who had received both vaccines before testing positive, said on Saturday that he had “fully recovered” and that his “symptoms were very mild, thanks to incredible vaccines”.

“Please, if you haven’t already, get your jab on, as we learn to live with it, rather than curl up against this virus,” he wrote on Twitter. Lammy questioned his use of the word curl up, as have many social media users.

“129,000 Britons have died from Covid under your government’s watch,” the Labor MP wrote.

“Don’t denigrate people who are trying to protect themselves and their families. “

Lib Dem health spokeswoman Munira Wilson said Javid’s tweet was “outrageous” as thousands remain in hospital with Covid-19.

David Lammy

” Cower “?

129,000 Britons have died from Covid under your government’s watch.

Don’t disparage people who try to keep themselves and their families safe.

July 24, 2021


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