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2. Immigration

US border officials reportedly arrested or turned back 188,800 migrants from the US-Mexico border in June. This is the highest monthly number for at least a decade and brings the annual total of meetings with customs and border protection to more than one million. Overall, US border crossings have been on the rise since May 2020. The US now broadcasts more than 30,000 radio announcements per month in Central America to deter migration as part of a larger mission to the region aimed at targeting the root causes of these influxes. On the home front, DACA recipients are desperately trying to keep or renew work permits amid a backlog of applications that has built up during the coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, DACA workers lose their jobs and health insurance despite applying for renewal on time.

3. Expense invoice

Democrats are already voicing differing views on the sweeping $ 3.5 trillion spending plan announced earlier this week. Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders and Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal both want revenue from the expense bill to be higher, with Jayapal calling the current framework a “down payment.” Yet the provisions have paved the way for Democrats to adopt monumental overhauls like expanding the child tax credit, expanding medical benefits and introducing new climate change proposals. It is this last element – climate change – that has Senator Joe Manchin, the Democrats’ decisive vote, on edge. He does not like that the provision can eliminate the need for fossil fuels. But such steps will likely be necessary to support more progressive Democrats.

4. Haiti

The head of security at Haiti’s presidential residence has been taken into custody as authorities continue their investigation into the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise. Dimitri Herard reportedly traveled to Ecuador via Bogota, the capital of Colombia, at the end of May. Colombian National Police are currently investigating whether Herard, while there, encountered any of the Colombian nationals allegedly involved in the assassination. A retired special forces soldier in Colombia told CNN that the 26 Colombians accused of participating in the attack were in fact hired to provide security for Moise. This heightened the mystery around CTU Security, the Florida-based company that negotiated the jobs.

5. Afghanistan

The Biden administration launches an effort to relocate thousands of Afghan interpreters and translators who worked for the United States. Many of these Afghan allies fear for their safety amid the ongoing US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. There are a number of ways that could go, and U.S. officials have suggested that Afghans could be granted humanitarian parole, which would allow them to enter the United States temporarily and be transferred to U.S. military facilities. Or, they could be granted opportunities in places overseas. The Biden administration has been criticized by lawmakers and bipartisan advocates for not doing enough to protect Afghan allies who may now be in danger as the Taliban gain traction.


A new word bundle has been added to

There is the serious (like “long Covid”), and the, well, not so serious (like “zaddy” – go ahead, find it!).

Netflix is ​​developing an animated series with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Move on, Disney princesses!

Americans face months-long passport wait as State Department faces massive backlog

A good thing to keep in mind if you are looking to get away from it all soon.

Football-sized invasive goldfish found in Minnesota lake

You know when people exaggerate the size of their catch a bit? This one is definitely thaaat big!

Home improvement leads to discovery of over 150 bowling balls on a family’s porch

“Oh, that’s where I put them! ”


“They can try, but they’re not going to screw it up. “

Chairman of the General Staff Mark Milley, allegedly responding to the possibility that then-President Donald Trump and his allies would attempt a coup or take other dangerous or illegal action after the November election. A new book by Washington Post reporters, Pulitzer Prize-winning Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, says Milley warned his MPs and colleagues of the threat of a coup.



It is the number of drug overdose deaths that increased in the United States in 2020, reaching the highest number on record by the CDC – around 93,000 deaths in total, mostly due to inappropriate opioid use.


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Spring eternal spring

I love the Grand Illusions YouTube channel, and here is a very cool and colorful take on a supposedly endless spring. ” Such a waste. What a pleasure! »(Click here to display)


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