Corning’s new Gorilla Glass is for smartphone cameras – .

Corning’s new Gorilla Glass is for smartphone cameras – .

Corning has unveiled a new Gorilla Glass set, but it’s not for phone screens, it’s for smartphone camera lenses.

According to Corning’s announcement video, traditional smartphone lenses have an anti-reflective coating on the inside that allows light to enter and strike the sensor, producing an image, but these traditional coatings still lose some of the light. light that is reflected, without ever registering on the sensor.

Corning’s new product, the DX and DX + for camera lenses, could capture 98% of incoming light (compared to 90-92% with traditional camera glass), allowing for a more detailed and crisp image , while protecting the lens of your smartphone against scratches or cracks.

While that sounds wonderful, Corning stresses that glass isn’t something new. DX and DX + have been used in smartwatches since 2018, but the design has now been changed to meet the requirements of a smartphone camera lens, i.e. letting in as much light as possible.

Additionally, Corning has demonstrated how the new DX and DX + hold up in terms of durability when placed against standard AR coating and Corning regular Gorilla Glass and also claims that DX + is close to sapphire, which is known for its immense durability.

While no particular phones with Gorilla Glass DX / DX + have been revealed, Corning said in its press release that Samsung will be the first customer to use a Gorilla Glass DX lens cover on a future smartphone.

Image credit: Corning Gorilla Glass

Source : Corning


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