Corey Pronman assesses every pick from the 32 teams – The Athletic – .

Corey Pronman assesses every pick from the 32 teams – The Athletic – .

The 2021 NHL Draft, the first involving 32 teams, is finally over. With seven rounds of picks recorded, I end my coverage of this draft by giving my opinion on how I think the clubs have done based on my knowledge of the selected players – the only way for me to do it in a healthy and fair way. to this drill is to assign marks based on the team that added the most through draft picks to the organization. I’m not taking into account players acquired through trading, how a player fits into the organization, or whether a team has achieved or obtained potential value on a pick. This is a ranking indicating who got the most talent in the draft, divided by levels represented by an alphabetical score. Teams are listed by rank, but teams with the same rank are listed alphabetically.

To those who don’t like this type of exercise because you think a draft can’t be rated until five years later, your concern is heard, but we do it anyway.

A full analysis of each team’s picks is also linked below.

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Bison Sabers: A

Owen Power is a projected all-star player, the only one in the draft for me at the moment, which alone could make the Sabers the biggest beneficiaries of this draft. I think Isak Rosen and Prokhor Poltapov will become useful scoring wingers in the NHL, and Aleksandr Kisakov and Olivier Nadeau have strong playing chances. Stiven Sardarian was high for me, but he’s one of the most talented players in the class, so I respect the bet. I did not disturb late Viljami Marjala and Nikita Novikov.


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