Conor McGregor suffers from “chronic ankle arthritis” – .

Conor McGregor suffers from “chronic ankle arthritis” – .

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White Confirms Conor McGregor Has Been Having Leg Problems For Years; however, McGregor made a special decision at UFC 264.

McGregor broke his leg during the UFC 264 Main Event against Dustin Poirier at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday July 10. In the aftermath of the event, the former two-division UFC champion claimed his leg was seriously compromised before the fight. McGregor said the UFC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NAC) knew he had stress fractures before UFC 264.

White, in a recent interview, did not address the alleged stress fractures, but said McGregor had suffered from chronic ankle arthritis for years.

« [McGregor] has had ankle problems for the past few years, “White told” Watters’ World “on Fox News (h / t MMA Junkie). “He had asked if he could tape his ankles before this fight and he got clearance to do so from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and then he chose not to tape them. I do not know why. He has chronic ankle arthritis.

“It’s going to take him a year to get over this one before he can come back, so I don’t know,” continued the UFC boss. ” We’ll see. Fighting game is difficult game and the kid has built a massive legacy and won a lot of money. We’ll see how the rest of his career unfolds.

McGregor’s previous claims have identified the NAC and the UFC chief medical officer as parties who were aware of the condition of his compromised leg.

“I was injured before the fight,” McGregor said. “People would ask me when the broken leg was – when did the leg break? Ask Dana White. Ask the UFC. Ask Dr. Davidson, the UFC chief medical officer. They knew. My leg – I had stress fractures in my leg entering this cage. There was some debate about taking the thing off because I was training without shin guards and kicking. “

NAC executive director Bob Bennett said the commission was not aware of any serious injuries prior to the fight.

“If we ever knowingly had information about a fighter who wasn’t fit to fight, we wouldn’t let them compete,” Bennett said before. Las Vegas Revue. “It would go to a doctor and a doctor would make that decision as an expert. “

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