Colin Farrell says he’s the penguin in only “five or six scenes” – .

Colin Farrell says he’s the penguin in only “five or six scenes” – .

Colin Farrell, who will play the penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, has revealed that his character is only in “five or six scenes” of the film.
As reported by Collider, Farrell made an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast and shared his experience working on The Batman which will star Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight himself.

As well as revealing that The Batman will have “a unique take on Dark Knight mythology,” he also joked that the film may be more successful because it contains less of him.

“I’m only there for five or six scenes, so I can’t wait to see the movie because it won’t be spoiled by my presence. Really, it’s a gift for me. I’m going to get a little uncomfortable for the nine minutes that I have, and then the rest, I can’t wait to see how he [Reeves] brought this world to life, ”said Farrell.

Farrell’s reveal as Batman was one of the most discussed points as he is barely recognizable in the role. The actor opened up about how makeup artist Mike Marino and the team chose to use a big costume to work around health issues, as Farrell was still grappling with the fallout from his weight changes from The North Water.

“Mike Marino is a genius. He is an absolute and true genius. And that word is thrown around a lot, but he’s a drawing, sculpting and shaping genius, ”Farrell said. “And he made this face for the penguin. I mean he and Matt talked about what the character’s physical stature would be like, and I had been old enough to Northern water and I didn’t want to grow up naturally again because I had some little health issues from Northern water and I was just like, damn, that acting thing isn’t that important.

“I know the best actors going up and down, and God bless them, I wish them good health. But for me I think Northern water this is the last time that I go up this much. So we opted for a big costume.

Farrell concluded by continuing to praise Marino, saying his work, and not Farrell’s acting, is what will really make this character special.

The Batman – Official Trailer 1

“Look, I only had, like I said, five or six scenes, or seven scenes, and I wasn’t quite… I was here at the start, watching what I was feeling, what I could do, whatever I could bring to that, ”Farrell said. I was a little lost. And then when I saw what Mike did, the whole character made sense to me. I swear to God, I saw what he did, and I just said ‘Ok’, and I was really excited about it. All that to say that if someone ever thinks about what I’m doing The batman is a decent performance, I will happily take 49% of the credits.

The Batman is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.

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