Colby Covington mocks Dustin Poirier’s ‘accessory’ wife in sad, weak attempt to copy Conor McGregor – .

Colby Covington mocks Dustin Poirier’s ‘accessory’ wife in sad, weak attempt to copy Conor McGregor – .

UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington had to spend another weekend furious that no one in MMA was paying attention, which may explain why ‘Chaos’ quickly grabbed the headlines. newspapers by attacking Dustin Poirier and his wife, Jolie.

Because it worked so well for Conor McGregor.

Covington took offense at Poirier’s post-fight behavior at UFC 264, especially “The Diamond” gleefully when “Notorious” fell with a broken leg. According to “Chaos,” these caged antics revealed the Louisiana native’s true colors.

“I thought it showed the ‘kind and charitable’, the real character of Dustin ‘The Doofus’ Soirier,” Covington told James Lynch (transcribed by Farah Hanoun). “It showed his true colors, his character – he has his little accessory, his wife Jolie over there. Obviously, she is an accessory. He only uses it as a prop because he knows he’s a shit and wants to act like he’s a nice guy, a family man, a father and a good husband. So, it just showed his true character. He’s a dust bag, and so is the whole camp in which he resides.

Poirier won his McGregor trilogy when “Notorious” broke his leg in the first frame of their UFC 264 star. Despite the arrival, both fighters continued to talk about trash after the fight, without any doubt because of their passionate (and too personal) accumulation.

Covington, however, has his own beef with “The Diamond” after being kicked out of the American Top Team (ATT). Probably because “Chaos” could not help but talk about his longtime teammates, which even put the skin of this ex-champion face.

Too bad for this public apology.

“His best opportunity for money if he’s going to do a good business is to go up to 170 and see daddy,” Covington continued. “It’s a personal rivalry. It’s not like I’m trying to take it out on someone and there’s no narrative in the fight. This guy, we train together 10 years back and he said things to me in the gym, I said things to him. There are deep, deep, deep personal issues with this drama and this beef, and I just hope they will one day settle in the Octagon. But if they don’t, then fans will know who daddy is.

Covington is set to face welterweight champion Kamaru Usman later this year, likely around the same time Poirier challenges Charles Oliveira for the 155-pound strap. Perhaps victories on both sides could lead to a champion versus champion grudge match like this previous showdown.

Or maybe “Chaos” will lose and (eventually) disappear.


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