City of Ottawa’s COVID-19 state of emergency ends Thursday – .

City of Ottawa’s COVID-19 state of emergency ends Thursday – .

OTTAWA – Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has announced the end of the municipal state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to city council on Wednesday, Watson said the state of emergency, in place since March 25, 2020, will officially end at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, July 22.

“The pandemic is certainly not over, but we continue to make great strides in Ottawa in terms of high immunization rates, low hospitalization rates and other key public health indicators,” Watson said in his opening remarks. “I have informed the province that the municipal state of emergency will end at 12:01 am tomorrow. “

Watson says the city’s emergency operations center will switch to activated operations.

“The municipal state of emergency that I declared on March 25, 2020 provided the conditions for the city to be agile in sourcing and organizing resources, including our staff,” Watson said. “I have been assured that the de-escalation in activated operations will not affect day-to-day operations, nor will it hamper our ability to respond to future provincial guidance on the pandemic. “

Activated operations are the third highest level of emergency response in the city, behind the state of emergency and ahead of situational awareness and enhanced operations. According to a document from the city, the activated operations indicate a situation that requires the commitment of the management team through the mobilization of the Emergency Operations Center.

However, that does not mean that public health measures, such as the mandatory temporary mask regulation, have been lifted. The provincial guidelines from Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopen Ontario also remain in effect.

A state of emergency was declared two weeks after Ottawa recorded its first official case of COVID-19 and eight days after Ontario declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic. At that time, Ottawa Public Health was investigating 25 confirmed and 13 undetermined cases of COVID-19 in the city.

Watson said advances in immunization in Ottawa helped inform the decision to end the state of emergency locally.

“We continue to make great progress in our vaccination campaign. To date, 83 percent of Ottawa residents aged 18 and over have received a dose and 67 percent have been fully immunized. It’s really remarkable, ”he said. “To date, we have administered over 1.3 million doses in our community clinics, pharmacies, pop-up clinics and primary care providers. “

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