City Imposes Weekly Testing for All Unvaccinated City Employees – .

Mayor calls on private employers to force vaccines on workers – .

NEW YORK (WABC) – All unvaccinated city workers will need to be tested weekly before school starts in September, Mayor de Blasio said on Monday, as part of a dramatic expansion of the city’s immunization policy. It’s about protecting people. It’s about making sure our families get through COVID, ”the mayor said.
The new requirement will apply to all workers in the city, including police, firefighters and teachers. It will also apply to certain contract employees.

The new rule will take effect on September 13, when students are expected to return to public schools. “It’s September that everything will happen,” said the mayor, noting that it is the beginning of the school year and that many offices are forcing workers to return.

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Health and hospital workers and frontline health ministry workers start this earlier on August 2.

Workers in public residential or collective care facilities, such as nursing homes, must show proof of vaccination on August 16.

“We will continue to climb this ladder,” the mayor said, with additional mandates and application if needed.

If you are not vaccinated and you are a city employee, you must either wear a mask indoors at all times … or get vaccinated.

“There will unfortunately be consequences” in the event of non-compliance, said the mayor.

Here are recent statistics on the civil service workforce facing mandatory screening of unvaccinated workers:

* NYPD – 43% vaccination rate
* Correctional Service – 42% vaccination rate
* FDNY – 55% vaccination rate

* Staff in public schools and city hospitals – vaccination rates around 60% Monday’s announcement is the latest in a series of efforts to increase vaccination rates across the city.

Last week, the mayor called on private employers to consider requiring employees to be vaccinated.

“We have tried purely voluntary for over six months, we have tried all forms of incentive, so we have reached the limit of a purely voluntary system, it is time for more terms,” said de Blasio.

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The remarks came just two days after de Blasi imposed a warrant on employees of the city’s public hospital system and the health department’s community clinics.
These employees must either be vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus tests.

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