Chrome on the desktop to get built-in support for Google Lens – .

Chrome on the desktop to get built-in support for Google Lens – .

The Google Lens visual search tool is now deployed on Google Chrome for the web.

Until now, Chrome has offered users the option to reverse the search for an image by right-clicking on it and selecting “Search for image on Google.” Now, after the release of Chrome 92, when you right click on an image on Chrome, you will be greeted with a new option that says “Search for an image with Google Lens”.

Clicking on the new option will take you to the Google Lens website where the image you right-clicked will appear on the left side of the screen and its web results will appear on the right. You can crop and focus on a specific section of the image to narrow the search results, just like you would with Google Lens on mobile.

Additionally, the Google Lens web interface features a “Best Match” section and a “Similar Photos” grid to the selected image, allowing you to expand your search in case you haven’t found what you want. looked it up the first time.

It should be noted that the online version of Google Lens lacks some of the additional features available in the smartphone app. On the web, you cannot scan QR codes or translate text in real time. However, since bringing the Lens platform to the web was just the first step, we may soon see Google introduce more mobile-exclusive features to Chrome.

Even after updating Google Chrome to version 92, the new feature is not available to me, which suggests that it will be available shortly after a wider rollout.

Image credit: 9to5Google

Via : 9to5Google


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