Chrome for iOS gets biometric authentication for incognito tabs – .

Chrome for iOS gets biometric authentication for incognito tabs – .

Google today updated its Chrome app for iOS devices to version 92, introducing a new feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to protect their Incognito tabs with Touch ID, Face ID, or a password. past.
Locked private browsing tabs will not be visible until they are authenticated after exiting and reopening the Chrome app, which will prevent anyone with access to your device from viewing your Chrome tabs. To activate this feature, you can go to the Settings> Privacy> Lock private browsing tabs. Safari does not have comparable functionality for its private tabs.

In addition to protecting private browsing tabs, Google has also added a feature to take a screenshot of an entire web page. When taking a screenshot, use the “Full Page” option at the top of the screenshot editor to capture the entire page.

There’s also a new Discover design on the New Tab page, and the settings, history, and bookmarks have been redesigned. Chrome will now ask you for confirmation if you want to close all tab picker tabs to avoid crashes, and individual tabs can be shared, bookmarked, and added to a playlist from the tab picker.

Chrome can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store. [Direct Link]


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