Chrissy Teigen details mental health issues after being ‘canceled’ – .

Chrissy Teigen details mental health issues after being ‘canceled’ – .

However, Chrissy’s team said Business intern days later, Michael’s screenshots were fake, showing inconsistencies in Instagram’s formatting and an old profile photo of her. Michael’s rep then told E! News that Chrissy “remains the same bully despite her public apology.”
Chrissy then spoke directly to Michael, tweeting on June 18: “You are now causing real pain to people who are trying to improve themselves. Enough. Or it will go further. Not here, but a real court. And every penny we make will go to an anti-bullying charity that aims to turn this shit show into a positive event. She attempted to refute her alleged DMs by posting her own alleged screenshots, which showed their harmless DM history.

Big John legend also came to his defense at the time. “Chrissy apologized for her public tweets, but after her apologies Mr. Costello fabricated a DM exchange between them,” the Grammy winner tweeted. “This exchange was invented, completely false, never took place. “

John reflected, “I encourage everyone who has been spreading this breathless lie to keep the same energy when correcting the record. “

Chrissy issued a written statement on her behalf, reiterating that she apologized for the public tweets she posted and stating that she had never “conspired” with anyone to harm the career of Michael. Read the full statement here.


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