China to save Earth from cataclysmic asteroid by launching 23 rockets – .

China to save Earth from cataclysmic asteroid by launching 23 rockets – .

Chinese researchers want to make a Hail Mary attempt to save Earth from a massive asteroid that has a chance to strike our planet.

Chinese scientists plan to launch a myriad of Long March 5 rockets to collide with the asteroid. The asteroid is called Bennu and estimates have measured it at 85.5 million tonnes of mass. As for its trajectory, Bennu is expected to approach within 4.6 million kilometers of Earth’s orbit, which is pretty close in terms of distance to objects in space.

Current estimates indicate that the odds of Bennu colliding with Earth are only 1 in 2,700. However, China does not appear to want to roll the dice on a close flyby. A new study published in the journal Icarus indicates that researchers at the National Space Science Center of China calculated that 23 Long March 5 rockets all hit the asteroid simultaneously, and each of the rockets weighing 992 tons would be enough for it to be knocked down by 6,000 miles or 1.4 times the radius of the Earth.

Mingtao Li, a space science engineer from the Beijing National Space Science Center and lead author of the new study, said in the document: “ Asteroid impacts pose a major threat to all life on Earth. The deflection of an asteroid on an impact trajectory is essential to mitigate this threat. »

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