Chaos in France WRITTEN: Paris police use batons – protests against Macron’s plans turn violent | World

Chaos in France WRITTEN: Paris police use batons – protests against Macron’s plans turn violent | World

Riot police were seen throwing batons at protesters who descended on the French capital to protest Mr Macron’s plans to introduce mandatory COVID-19 health passes. More than 150,000 demonstrators are estimated to have taken to the streets of the French Republic against the president’s plans to make passes compulsory to enter many public cultural venues.

Demonstrators chanting “Freedom! Freedom! ”Marched in the east of Paris in a single demonstration.
At the same time, a march organized by a former senior official of the far-right Front National party of Marine Le Pen arrived at the Eiffel Tower.

In shocking images that went viral on social media, police were seen aggressively pushing back protesters.

Several are seen swinging batons as the protesters are pushed back.

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Demonstrations were planned in more than 150 French cities, including Montpellier, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and Nantes.
It was the third consecutive weekend of protests.

Last weekend 161,000 people gathered while 110,000 took to the streets a week earlier.

The French authorities are implementing the health pass because the highly contagious delta and gamma variants continue to spread across the country.

As of Friday, more than 24,000 new daily cases have been confirmed – considerably more than the few thousand recorded in early July.

In response, the government announced that health cards would be compulsory from August 9.

After the approval of the measure by the Constitutional Council, many unvaccinated French people signed up for jabs so that their social life was not affected.

After a slow start, the deployment of the vaccine in France quickly accelerated and now more than 52% of the country’s population have been vaccinated.

But Covid continues to threaten the freedom of its notoriously protesting population.

The virus has also killed more than 111,800 in France since the start of the pandemic – raising fears that another uncontrolled epidemic could overwhelm the country’s health services.


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