Chaos among Heathrow holidaymakers, three hour wait – .

Chaos among Heathrow holidaymakers, three hour wait – .

Ttravelers have complained about ‘utter chaos’ at Heathrow during the busiest weekend of the year at the airport.

The holiday blues quickly set in for many at border control who faced three-hour queues and additional border control checks on Saturday.

Passengers complained about a lack of staff due to the pingemia, with a passport official left to take care of the offices, according to MailOnline.
In addition, no tubes are running on the London Underground from Heathrow terminals this weekend due to engineering work.
This means some vacationers have to board a replacement bus service to Hammersmith after they finally make it through the long lines.
Passenger Mr Marshall told the Mail: “It wasn’t crowded until after we landed, but the people in the back of the line were going to wait for hours and hours,” did he declare.
Then the passport control machines broke and there was only one person on the desk checking everyone’s passports.
My flight landed at 7:30 am and it is now 10:00 am, so it took me almost three hours to get through.
“I have now missed my coach, so I have to take the tube to London, then take a train to Bournemouth. “


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