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WestJet says it was wrong to deny refunds to customers for changed flights

WestJet said it made a mistake when the airline booked thousands of customers on other flights last month and offered no refunds – only credit – to those who wanted to cancel their trip.

“We gave incorrect or inconsistent information,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet vice president of communications, in an interview.

Bartrem said the Calgary-based airline is taking action to ensure affected customers can get a refund if they choose.

In June, CBC News spoke with five customers, booked on WestJet flights scheduled to depart in July, who said they were booked on a longer flight that included a layover and, in three cases, left another day.

If the new route didn’t work for them, they were told they should settle for a credit, not a refund.

« [It’s] extremely frustrating for the guests… and we are sorry for that, ”said Bartrem. Read more

Seema Shirali of Markham, Ont., Was upset after WestJet canceled her direct flight from Toronto to New York and only offered a credit when she asked for a refund. (Submitted by Seema Shirali)

Home prices and home sales in Canada hit record highs in March, but have fallen every month since

Are Canadian home prices finally trending down after a record high in March?

The Canadian Real Estate Association said Thursday home sales have fallen for three consecutive months after hitting an all-time high earlier this year.

Just over 50,000 Canadian households changed hands in June. The average selling price, $ 679,000, was down from $ 688,000 in May, $ 696,000 in April and $ 716,000 in March.

On a monthly basis, home sales fell 12% in April, 7% in May, and then 8% in June. But they were still 13% higher than at the same time last year and, in fact, experienced the strongest June on record – a sign of housing heat at the start of this year. Read more

Cochrane, Alta. Homeowner Dawn Granley is reluctant to sell her home in the current market because she worries about what she will be able to buy once she does. 0:54

Digital divide is holding back Indigenous communities, new report finds

Starting a business is tough enough, but young Indigenous entrepreneurs face an even tougher battle due to a systemic digital divide holding them back and the Canadian economy as a whole.

That’s the main takeaway from a new Royal Bank report, after spending the past 18 months analyzing economic data and discussing with Indigenous stakeholders how to unlock and maximize their economic potential.

New report highlights the digital divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and raises concerns about the growing gap and how it could affect the financial future and ability of Indigenous youth to thrive. 2:00

Canada’s Indigenous youth population is growing four times faster than the rest of the country’s youth, according to the report, and Indigenous people are starting new businesses at nine times the Canadian average.

But while Indigenous entrepreneurs are a large and growing cohort, a big reason they remain a largely untapped resource is a large digital divide, including high-speed internet accessibility for many households. Read more

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The rules require regular inspections and most buildings have reserves for repairs.

How Canadians are making sure no one is left behind in the vaccine rollout
Marginalization, cultural barriers and language divisions create a barrier to immunization.

This cumin powder has been recalled for salmonella contamination
If you have UnjhaSpice brand cumin powder in your cupboard, throw it out or return the product to the store where it was purchased.

Canada’s pandemic alert system was understaffed and not ready when COVID-19 hit, review finds
An important position at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was vacant when the pandemic struck.

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