Cavs, Pacers, Timberwolves, Kings, Raptors contacted 76ers about Simmons – .

Cavs, Pacers, Timberwolves, Kings, Raptors contacted 76ers about Simmons – .

The Philadelphia 76ers opened the door to Ben Simmons’ trade. Now they’re trying to get through the lowball or just not enough good offers pouring in, hoping to find a diamond in the mix.

Who contacted Philadéphie? Probably 29 teams. However, in his new newsletter, well-connected NBA veteran and writer Marc Stein listed five.

Just browse through teams that have been linked to a Simmons trade before: Cleveland, Indiana, Minnesota, and Sacramento are known contenders. Toronto has also reportedly expressed interest. Others will emerge.

Cleveland was reported to want to trade based on Kevin Love and Collin Sexton, and that rightfully died the second it was uttered. Indiana has a package based on the No. 13 pick and Malcolm Brogdon, but that was also quickly cut down. Sacramento could throw Buddy Hield with Tyrese Halliburton more picks (the Kings might also want to move Marvin Bagley III there), but again, that’s a far cry from the level-winning player now, in return Daryl Morey and the 76ers wanting.

Toronto is interesting; a sign and trade bringing home Kyle Lowry, from Philly, has some potential – it’s pure talent downgrade for the 76ers, but a massive upgrade from the fit. If the 76ers believe Lowry can stay healthy at 35, there is potential as a playmaker and shooter that matches on the outside with Joel Embiid on the inside. Of course, there would be other players involved, and it’s fair to wonder if Toronto really wants to pair Simmons and Pascal Siakam, but there is at least potential for a deal here.

Minnesota have been a team mentioned in the Simmons trade since Day 1, but is D’Angelo Russell available, and even if he is, would that be enough for the 76ers (probably not, unless ‘they don’t lower their demands). Wolves aren’t going to throw Anthony Edwards into a deal.

It won’t be a quick process. The buzz around the league isn’t to expect a draft deal; think free agency in August or maybe even early next season. Morey will be patient. He can afford it, he has to get it right if they leave an All-Star.


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