Carnage with brawls at Wembley and bottles thrown in Leicester Square – .

Carnage with brawls at Wembley and bottles thrown in Leicester Square – .

F-year-old fought outside Wembley Stadium and threw bottles in Leicester Square as problems erupted hours before the Euro 2020 final.

Images posted online showed police officers and flight attendants trying to separate fighting fans as they made their way through guardrails.

A spokesperson for Wembley Stadium said: “We are dealing with an incident that took place in the outside security perimeter of the stadium, with support from the police.
“Security measures were quickly activated in the affected areas and there were no breaches of the security of people without tickets entering the stadium. “
Former player turned expert Chris Kamara said he had had a ‘horrible walk through Wembley’ and had to dodge the bottles thrown by the crowd.
Metropolitan Police said the force was working with Wembley security staff to prevent further violations at the stadium.
“Earlier this afternoon there was a security breach at Wembley Stadium which resulted in a small number of people entering the stadium without a ticket.
“Officers worked closely with security officials to prevent any further breaches.
“We will also support the action of officials at Wembley Stadium to identify those without tickets and to eject them. “
Some people inside Wembley said fans stayed in the lobby the entire first half, watching the game. People who left their seats at half-time were asked to show a ticket before returning, one said.
The Met also said some people without tickets were trying to enter the Trafalgar Square fan zone.
The force tweeted: “A large crowd of fans gathered near the Trafalgar Square fan zone to try to enter without tickets.
“There are no more tickets or seats available in the fan zone. We engage with this crowd and tell them to disperse.
It comes after fans gathered in Leicester Square toss bottles and plants across the street and push trash cans.
“Police were called at 5:49 pm Sunday July 11 to report a collision involving a pedestrian and a bus in High Road, Wembley,” a statement from the PA news agency said.
“The officers were present with the London Ambulance Service.
“The pedestrian – a man – was taken to hospital where his condition was assessed as not life threatening.
“The bus driver stopped at the scene.
“No arrests were made. Investigations are ongoing.
Smoke from the flares is believed to have set off fire alarms, with passengers initially being told to change their trip.
UK Transport Police said they received reports of an incident at 12:40 p.m. and that the station was reopened at 1:07 p.m.
The day started even earlier for some, with thousands lining up outside the pubs this morning to secure a table for the game which starts at 8pm tonight.
People have been seen queuing outside the Faltering Fullback pub in Finsbury Park from 6 a.m.
Getty Images
Posting a photo of the queue on Twitter, a resident said: “Get up close and personal with the dedication of the UK fans who started lining up for the Faltering Fullback at 6am. “
Speaking to The Standard, a member of staff at the North London pub said: “We’re really busy and trying to keep up with everything.

English fans line up outside The Faltering Fullback pub
/ Pennsylvania
“Honestly, it’s amazing. Everyone is singing in the pub and everyone is just happy to be here.
Viewer Liam Brennan said: “People are lining up for a seat in the pub. [Faltering Fullback] even if the game is at 8 o’clock! The queue was around 100 at 11:30 am, now it has at least doubled.
“Lots of signings and chants – the neighbors are not too happy. “
Fans also lined up outside the Rose and Crown Pub in Tooting from 10 a.m.
A passer-by said: “I walked past and saw this huge queue for the pub. I can’t really blame them, I booked a spot weeks ago but I would do the same as them if I hadn’t.
“After all, it’s coming home. “
Revelers could also be seen lining up outside the Kings Cross and Finsbury Park pubs.
Meanwhile, in Bristol, hundreds of people lined up from 10 a.m. outside a bar with fans dressed in English T-shirts and carrying flags.
Queues were also spotted in Northampton and Brighton, where fans were treated to some early morning sunshine.
Speaking from the Ye Olde King and Queen pub in Brighton city center, Will Flockton said: “People have been lining up outside one of the biggest pubs since 8 am to secure a seat for see the match. Flags fluttering: Football shirts on display and constant chants praising Gareth Southgate of Sussex. It will be a long and exciting day.
Preparations continue ahead of tonight’s game, with events set to take place throughout the day.
The Red Arrows will fly over Wembley Stadium to greet England players shortly before kick-off.
As the excitement for the game peaks, Boris Johnson, The Queen, Tom Cruise and The Duke of Cambridge shared good luck messages for Gareth Southgate’s team.
In a video shared on Twitter, William, who is also president of the FA, said: “I can’t really believe this is happening. So exciting and I just wish you the best of luck.
“You bring out the best of England and we are all behind you. The whole country is behind you. So take him home. “
The monarch sent a short note to manager Gareth Southgate ahead of the first Three Lions major tournament final in 55 years, writing: “I want to send my congratulations to you and my family for reaching the Championships final. Europe, and send my best wishes for tomorrow with the hope that history will record not only your success, but also the spirit, commitment and pride with which you have conducted yourself.
Mr Johnson told manager Gareth Southgate and the team: “You took England to the final of a great international competition.
“For most of the people in this country, this is the first time this has happened in their life.
“You’ve forged a bunch of brothers whose energy, tenacity, and teamwork – and sheer flair – seem to shine through in everything you do.
“On behalf of the whole nation, good luck, good game – and take it home!” “
The final must start at 8 p.m. and will end at 10 p.m. if it ends normally.
However, if it is an overtime or a penalty shootout, the game will end closer to 11 p.m.


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