Canadiens can’t afford to lose goalie Jake Allen to Seattle – .

Canadiens can’t afford to lose goalie Jake Allen to Seattle – .

Jake Allen was the Canadiens’ MVP in the regular season.
Yes, Tyler Toffoli led the team in scoring, Jeff Petry was the top defenseman and Nick Suzuki had a solid second season, but the Canadiens wouldn’t have reached the playoffs if Allen hadn’t played so well. that for the purpose.

Due to Carey Price’s erratic play early in the season and injuries later in the year, Allen played 29 games, four more than Price. Allen was losing 11-12-5, but it was more on his teammates than him. In 19 of Allen’s games, the Canadiens have scored two goals or less. He’s only allowed more than three goals on five occasions and finished the season with a 2.68 goals-against average and 0.907 save percentage.

Allen has given his team a chance to win virtually every game he’s played, which is what you would expect from a backup goalie.

Now there’s a chance the Canadiens will lose Allen when the Seattle Kraken have their expansion draft next Wednesday.

“I understand what’s at stake, but I signed here to play for the Montreal Canadiens and that’s where I am right now,” Allen said last Friday when the Canadiens held their interviews for departure. “Unless something changes, that’s my # 1 goal. We will cross this bridge when that happens, but I understand that this is not a normal year and that the free agency and the expansion project, all within 10, 14 days. So we have to make decisions. We’ll see what happens. But I expect to play with the Montreal Canadiens and that’s why I signed my two-year extension. But I also understand that there is a deal to this and things are going on in the business that are beyond your control.

Allen’s contract extension, which has an annual salary cap of $ 2.857 million, will begin next season.

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin has the choice of protecting seven forwards, three defensemen and a goaltender, or eight skaters (forwards or defensemen) and a goaltender in the expansion draft. Players like Price, who have an immobility clause in their contracts, should be protected unless the player decides to waive this clause. The deadline for teams to submit their protected lists is Saturday.


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