California union boss says Newsom ‘lost his mind’, falsely attacking ‘conservatives’ by closing rural jail – .

California union boss says Newsom ‘lost his mind’, falsely attacking ‘conservatives’ by closing rural jail – .

The new president of Local 1000 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has slammed California Gov. Gavin Newsom after the Democrat announced plans to shut down the California Correctional Center in Susanville, which is made up of SEIU members.

Richard Louis Brown, who grabbed the headlines earlier this year pledging to cut union political donations, told “Your World” on Friday that it appears Newsom is targeting Lassen County workers because the area – just northwest of Reno-Sparks, Nevada – is heavily Republican. In 2016, 73% of Lassen voters chose Donald Trump; the highest margin in the state.

“I believe in the power to vote and in this election for Local 1000, 2,637 people said Richard Louis Brown, fight for us. And my first fight is to make sure that our employees from all the public sector unions at the jail up there in Lassen County are protected and they don’t lose their jobs through no fault of their own, ”Brown said.

“The only reason this governor is closing this jail, is because he’s attacking small towns, he’s attacking people and their families because these people in Lassen County have conservative values ​​that he doesn’t agree with.” – and therefore he is mad – and since he is mad, he wants to end their life, he wants to destroy them. “

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Brown said his union will “not sit here in the state of California and take this” from Newsom, which is facing a fall recall.

Host Neil Cavuto noted that he contacted Newsom’s office for a response but did not receive an airtime response.

Cavuto called Brown an “anomaly” among union bosses, in that he tries to reduce the politicized nature of unions and also seeks to reduce membership dues.

“I’m really happy to be on FOX,” Brown replied. “A lot of people have different opinions about me, but let me be clear, all I say is what I mean and I praise God every day that I live in the greatest country on Earth, and I am fighting for the people of Lassen County. “

“This governor has lost his mind.

Brown said the prison has always “turned in the dark” financially, has not had major problems in a state with otherwise infamous penitentiaries, and that there does not appear to be any other reason. grudge or politics for Newsom to make such a decision.

He added that in the past, prison inmates had been drafted to help local residents during wildfires in the area. Two wildfires, the Sugar Fire and the Dotta Fire, are currently burning just southwest of the prison in neighboring Plumas County.


“I would say to unions in the state of California [to] wake up: wake up, do your job, fight for your people and stop playing these political games. That’s what I would say to unions across California, ”Brown added.

Brown’s union represents 96,000 workers employed by the state of California, as well as selected members on job sites out of state in Illinois, Texas, New York and Hawaii.


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