Calgary RCMP officer ordered resign over inappropriate texts with teenager he trained – .

Calgary RCMP officer ordered resign over inappropriate texts with teenager he trained – .

A Calgary-based RCMP officer was ordered to resign after being convicted of misconduct over an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old lacrosse player he coached in 2019, CBC News has learned.
Const. Daniel Martin, 42, was convicted under the RCMP Act on Wednesday of misconduct for what was described by Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA) President John Kilbride as a “grooming” relationship involving text messages between the officer and the teenage player.

“I’m just mortified,” Kilbride said.

“I just can’t imagine worse than having one of our athletes betrayed in this way by someone they are supposed to be safe with, then you make it worse by someone who is in such a position l authority, legal authority in the form of an RCMP officer, and that is just shameful. “

14 days to appeal

It is not clear if the relationship had turned physical. A copy of the ruling from the driving hearing has yet to be released.

The RCMP would not provide more details because Martin has 14 days to appeal.

“When the Alberta RCMP were made aware of the situation, we immediately initiated an internal process which led to a conduct hearing in which allegations of misconduct were established against Constable Daniel Martin” RCMP spokesman Fraser Logan said in a written statement.

“As we are now in an appeal period, it would be inappropriate for the Alberta RCMP to comment further. “

The family of the teenager, ALA reported a relationship with the RCMP

The texts were sent in 2019 and were revealed during a major lacrosse tournament.

Kilbride said the ALA immediately determined that Martin’s behavior was “well beyond” the scope of internal discipline, so the lacrosse association reported the relationship “immediately” to the RCMP, while like the girl’s family.

“There is absolutely no place for this within our organizational structure,” said Kilbride.

“It’s just another alert that these people are out there and pushing their way into our most sacred areas and we need to be vigilant. “

Martin’s other coaching position

Martin had 14 days to quit, according to Logan.

It was not immediately clear whether a criminal investigation had also taken place, but no charges were laid.

Until Wednesday, Martin was also a Breakaway Hockey coach at Airdrie. Hours after the decision, the group removed their bio from their website.

“Dan Martin was a volunteer parent and, instead of the RCMP findings, he will no longer volunteer with Breakaway Hockey,” the organization said in a written statement.


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