Britney Spears: the judge rejects the request to strike the father from the guardianship

Britney Spears: the judge rejects the request to strike the father from the guardianship

A judge has rejected Britney Spears’ request to remove her father from his guardianship role, court records reveal.

The singer’s attorney, Samuel Ingham, has asked a Los Angeles court to oust Jamie Spears from his role as manager of the multi-million dollar estate.

When she asked for Jamie Spears’ removal in November last year, Ingham said Spears, 39, was afraid of his father and wanted him to leave the guardianship which she says has controlled his life since 2008. .

In court records, Britney Spears said she wanted private wealth management firm Bessemer Trust named “sole custodian.”

However, documents filed in Los Angeles show Judge Brenda Penny denied the request while endorsing Bessemer Trust’s role as co-custodian of the estate.

The legal document states: “The attorney’s request to suspend James P Spears immediately after the appointment of Bessemer Trust Company Of California, NA as sole registrar of the estate is dismissed without prejudice. “

The filing was dated June 30, a week after the pop superstar delivered a dramatic testimony calling for an end to the guardianship.

She was placed under the complex legal regime – usually reserved for the very old and infirm – after suffering a series of mental breakdowns.

Spears told a court on June 23 that the guardianship was “abusive” and that she wanted it to end without a medical assessment being necessary. She said she was forced to work against her will and that guardianship prevented her from removing a contraceptive device in order to try to have another child.

Britney Spears and her fight for freedom: what we know so far - video
Britney Spears and her fight for freedom: what we know so far – video

Previously, Jamie Spears, 68, had filed his own court documents, denying being responsible for the restrictions apparently placed on his daughter’s privacy.

He oversaw his estate for 13 years, but has not been in charge of his personal affairs since September 2019, when he stepped down from that role due to poor health.
He was replaced as curator on a temporary basis by Jodi Montgomery, Britney Spears’ carer.

In a court file, lawyers for Jamie Spears said he was “concerned” about Ingham’s request to make Montgomery’s post permanent.

He said: “Based on his statements in court, Mr Spears is concerned that Jodi Montgomery’s nomination motion filed by Ms Spears’ court-appointed lawyer, Samuel D Ingham III, does not reflect his wishes.

Ms. Spears told the court on June 23 that she opposed a guardianship and disclosed her ongoing disputes with Ms. Montgomery over her medical treatment and other personal care issues. “

Lauriann Wright, Montgomery’s lawyer, issued a statement in response: “I can unequivocally state that Jodi Montgomery has been a tireless advocate for Britney and her well-being.

“While she does not control Britney’s financial assets, she is responsible for her personal care, and if Britney wants an issue to be taken to court, Ms. Montgomery is and always has been ready, willing and able to. make. “


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