Britney Spears fans slam Jamie Lynn after she used her sister’s words to headline revealing book – .

Britney Spears fans slam Jamie Lynn after she used her sister’s words to headline revealing book – .

“I have to confess, I still believe,” sang Britney Spears, then 16, as she released what Rolling Stone claims to be “greatest first single of all time” in 1998,… Baby One More Time .
More than two decades later, the Spears family are trying to make a little more use of the iconic lyrics of the pop star, the star’s sister, 39, Jamie Lynn Spears, borrowing her name from her upcoming memoirs.

Entitled I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring it Out, American bookseller Barnes & Noble describes the intimate memories of the 30-year-old mother of two as “her unfiltered story on her own terms” and writes that “Southern Roots will reveal details of Jamie Lynn’s highest and lowest moments. ”

The revealing book promises to “reveal details of Jamie Lynn’s highest and lowest moments.”

Available for pre-order now for $ 26.00, the revealing book is slated for release on January 18, 2022 and promises to share “untold stories that are sometimes funny, inspiring, messy, and uncomfortable.”

Based on the preview of the hardcover autobiography, the Zoey 101 actress looks set to discuss her famous brother in detail, as well as her own experiences as a teenage mother.

“She shares untold stories that are sometimes funny, inspiring, messy and uncomfortable. As if her mother’s credit card was refused at Limited Too when her sister was on the radio, ”writes Barnes & Noble.

Jamie Lynn to share stories about her famous sister in upcoming memoir

“What it feels like to have inspired 16 and pregnant with her own life story. Why her daughter’s ATV accident caused her to reassess and reorient her life. And why her family is like any other family, ”they continue, referring to the star’s teenage pregnancy at the age of 16 in 2007.

The description of her memoir seems to suggest that the country music singer’s stories will open up about “the family business” and how she experienced “a trip not always so perfect.”

“Just Jamie Lynn – wife, mom, sister, daughter, actress and musician doing her best to show off and teach her daughters to have the courage to love every part of themselves,” the promo concludes.

“Jamie Lynn is basically down to earth. She wants to use her experiences in the “family business” to help young women around the world see the unique power and strength that come from believing in themselves, taking risks, learning from relationships and embracing. a trip not always so perfect. “

Britney fans have slammed Jamie Lynn for trying to “make money” with her older sister.

Although the book won’t be available until next year, the country music singer has already received a wave of bad reviews and comments about her writing adventure.

“Ridiculous, pathetic, awful…” wrote the Britney fan in the review section of the Barnes & Noble site.

“As if paying for your private flights and attempting to transfer millions of dollars from her sister’s Trust wasn’t exploitation enough for her, now she has to publish a book (allegedly) using her money as well. “

Another criticized her for trying to ‘make money’ with her older sister, writing: ‘JLS is a moocher and is desperate to make money with Britney. “

One reviewer suggested that Jamie Lynn could have been referring to his own work rather than Britney’s.

“If these are memoirs about Jamie Lynn, why not call him ‘Follow Me’? Or something referring to her career, not her sister’s. Unbelievable. “

I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring it Out currently has 94 reviews on the Barnes & Noble site, with all reviews leaving a one star rating.

The Mirror has reached out to representatives for Jamie Lynn Spears for comment.


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