Britney Spears’ doctors want Jamie Spears removed from guardianship – .

Britney Spears’ doctors want Jamie Spears removed from guardianship – .

The legal battle over the guardianship of 13-year-old Britney Spears continues, as efforts to remove the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, intensify.

According to new legal documents, the pop star’s doctors are in favor of her father’s dismissal. The claim on the case would be a major development – if Spears’ medical team believed her father was causing her harm, the court would likely take it very seriously.

The new case comes the same week that Spears ‘new attorney, Mathew Rosengart, formally requested the suspension and removal of Spears’ father from guardianship.

The document was filed July 28 in Los Angeles Superior Court by attorney Laurieann Wright, who represents Spears’ temporary curator Jodi Montgomery. In the file, Montgomery – who has the pop star’s backing to stay on her file – says she wants Spears’ father removed from guardianship, putting her in line with Rosengart, who represents the international superstar.

The doc notes that Montgomery has “concluded that Jamie Spears should not continue to act as … estate curator because it is not in the best interests of” Britney Spears. The record further notes that Montgomery claims that “Spears’ medical team agrees that it is not in the best interests of the Conservative for Mr. Spears to remain Conservative.”

Additionally, Montgomery supports the appointment of CPA Jason Rubin to manage Spears’ finances while she is in guardianship, in place of her father. (Earlier this week, Rosengart said he and Spears chose Rubin to replace the elder Spears, should the court remove or suspend him.)

Spears’ father has been at the top of guardianship since 2008, when he asked the court to place his famous daughter under legal guardianship, following a period of public unrest in 2007 in the eyes of the paparazzi public. . He is currently the keeper of his daughter’s estate, which means he controls all financial decisions, while Montgomery is the keeper of his person, which means she manages her day-to-day welfare and consults with her. doctors on medical decisions.

Montgomery’s legal doc is another step towards a major potential victory for Spears, who is adamantly against his father’s involvement in his guardianship. Spears previously told a judge she wanted to “press charges” against her father for “conservation abuse.”

Less than two weeks after Spears testified that she wanted to press charges against her father, Rosengart and his firm filed a motion to remove her father from guardianship – the biggest legal decision in her 13-year saga.

Before Rosengart represented Spears, she was represented by duty counsel Samuel D. Ingham, who resigned earlier this month after working on the Spears case for his entire guardianship. Ingham had already filed a document in November 2020 stating that the star was ‘scared’ of her father and would refuse to perform, as long as he controlled her tutelage. Montgomery has been working on the Spears case since September 2019.

The new legal documents signal a positive working relationship between Montgomery and Rosengart, indicating that the two are working favorably in the singer’s best interests – which is to work with the court to ultimately bring her out of her wardship in a safe and productive manner.

In Rosengart’s petition, filed last Monday, the 127-page legal document details reasons why the elder Spears should not be involved in his daughter’s guardianship, suggesting he has “dissipated” the multi-million dollar fortune. of singer’s dollars.

Rosengart argued that Jamie Spears had “benefited greatly” from the guardianship, noting his compensation of $ 16,000 per month from his daughter’s estate. And in a footnote, Rosengart cited a Forbes magazine report stating that Britney Spears’ net worth is “shockingly low,” given a string of four albums and concert tours since the start of the decade. guardianship in 2008.

“Indeed, serious questions abound regarding Mr. Spears ‘potential misconduct, including conflicts of interest, abuse of trusteeship and the obvious dissipation of Ms. Spears’ fortune, which Mr. Spears has effectively controlled since 2008.” , Rosengart wrote in the legal document.

Lawyers for Jamie Spears have denied all allegations of wrongdoing in the past.

On June 23, the pop star gave a dazzling testimony, marking the first time she has publicly addressed the court in her 13 years of guardianship. During her 24-minute statement, Spears told the judge her guardianship was “abusive” and asked that it be terminated without further assessment. On July 14, she testified again, which is when she told the judge that she wanted to “press charges” against her father.

After Spears’ explosive hearing, public interest in the case exploded around the world with Hollywood, #FreeBritney fans and supporters rallying behind the singer.


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