Britney Spears calls on supporters who want to save face – .

Britney Spears calls on supporters who want to save face – .

Britney Spears is calling on people to post to support her – when they hadn’t done so before.

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It comes as Britney’s guardianship has dominated public attention, especially after her powerful court statement last month – where she called the guardianship “abusive” and said she wanted to sue her family.

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Afterward, Britney received a * ton * of public statements of support -om other celebrities to members of her own family, like Jamie Lynn and Lynne.

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However, it seems Britney has some ~ thoughts ~ when it comes to some of the people choosing to post to support her right now – because she posted a photo on Instagram that says, “Never forget who you are. ignored when you needed it, and who helped you out before you even had to ask. “

“There is nothing worse than when the people closest to you, who have never shown up for you, post about your situation, whatever it is, and speak uprightly for their support.” , Britney wrote in the caption.

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“How dare the people you love the most to say anything – did they even reach out to pick me up on TIME !!! ??? The legend continues. “How dare you say publicly that NOW SUPPORTS YOU – did you reach out when I was drowning ??? Again, NO. “

“So if you’re reading this, and you know who you are, and actually have the nerve to say anything about my situation just to publicly save face !!! If you’re going to post something, please stop with the right approach when you’re so far from right, it’s not even funny, ”Britney added, alongside a series of emojis. in the major.

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“PS if you’re reading this today and can understand, I’m sorry because I know what it is – and I’m sending my love to you.” “

The New Yorker previously reported that Britney writes her own Instagram captions, but they are then verified by her management – who typically don’t allow posts on her tutelage. However, following her court statement, we saw much more candid posts on her Instagram – hopefully a sign of things to come.

While it’s unclear exactly who Britney is referring to, we’ll keep you posted as her battle for guardianship continues.

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