Britain to lift ban on travel at airport hubs – .

Britain to lift ban on travel at airport hubs – .

It is also understood that Rishi Sunak wrote to the Prime Minister calling for an urgent relaxation of travel restrictions. The Chancellor warned that UK border policy was hurting the tourism industry and the economy in general.

Sunday Times reported that in a letter to Boris Johnson, Mr Sunak said the country’s border policy was out of step with our international partners and had a negative impact on employment.

Paul Charles, managing director of travel consultancy The PC Agency, said: “Infection rates at hubs have declined. Their openness is vital for the future success of aviation.

“Aviation has grown in recent years thanks to the strong interconnectivity of these hubs. Without them, airlines cannot operate at the capacity they need.

“It would be a major step forward if they opened up hubs for transit passengers, but it’s only when they get off the red list that it will make a real difference in the travel industry. “

Istanbul is set to become Europe’s largest airport, with a projected 200 million passengers per year eclipsing Heathrow, while the United Arab Emirates is home to one of the world’s largest airlines, Emirates, which serves more than 150 cities. in 80 countries on six continents thanks to a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft.

Joe Biden is also under increasing pressure to lift the US travel ban on the UK to boost transatlantic trade.

Double-vaccinated US citizens will be able to travel to the UK from Monday without having to self-quarantine, but US Executive Order 212 (F) prohibiting UK citizens from traveling to the US remains in effect.

Seventy-seven members of Congress wrote to President Biden urging him to lift the order, citing research from the Mayo Clinic which shows the risk of someone infected with Covid-19 boarding a flight from the Kingdom United to the United States is one in 10,000.

Henry Smith, conservative chair of the multi-stakeholder group on the future of aviation, said the

The UK and US task force must work “much more together” rather than the UK “by simply taking unilateral action”.

“It is time that Executive Order 212F (banning non-essential travel from the UK) was removed in recognition of the level of vaccination of the British population. I would ask the US administration to take a more pragmatic stance and allow many more transatlantic ways, ”he told The Telegraph.


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