Breath of the Wild Modder arrested for illegal files – .

Breath of the Wild Modder arrested for illegal files – .

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27-year-old man in Japan arrested after being caught trying to sell modifications Zelda: Breath of the Wild save files.

As reported by the Niigata Broadcasting System (and spotted by Dextro) Ichimin Sho was arrested on July 8 after posting an article about modified save files for the Nintendo Switch version of Breath of the wild. It posted its services on an unspecified auction site, describing it as “the most powerful software.” It would provide modified save files which would give the player enhanced in-game abilities and hard-to-obtain items were also made available upon customer request. In his original list, he allegedly charged people 3,500 yen (about US $ 31) for his service.

Niigata Prefecture police spotted the list and arrested Sho on July 8 for possibly violating the Law on the Prevention of Unfair Competition. After being arrested, the man admitted to selling backups and modified software in the past, telling police that he had sold around 10 million yen (around $ 90,000) in the past year and a half.

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While it might sound wild, being arrested for selling save files is nothing new in Japan. Japanese police have already people arrested for modifying video game software which violates the Unfair Competition Prevention Law in Japan. This same law was also used by Nintendo continue a karting business in 2017. In 2015, another man in Japan was arrested after sell cheats in popular online shooting game Alliance of Valiant Arms.

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In a comment to BSNNiigata Prefecture Police Cybercrime Enforcement Division Deputy Director Okazawa urged people not to create, sell or buy backup data or modified software.

It all seems a bit extreme to me. I would say the police in Japan (and in the world elsewhere) should focus more on much more dangerous and important crimes. But I guess a guy who sells modified save files for an old Switch game is also important… to someone.



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