Brandon Tanev officially withdrawn from Penguins – .

Brandon Tanev officially withdrawn from Penguins – .

What was rumored happened Wednesday night in the NHL expansion draft in Seattle, as the Kraken used their Pittsburgh Penguins pick to select forward Brandon Tanev.

It was a somewhat surprising move at first glance, especially since Seattle hasn’t made so much headway with long contracts and / or large salary caps. One exception they made was for Tanev, who had two strong and eventful seasons in Pittsburgh.

Tanev’s loss will be a big blow to the Pens, but they all have issues to deal with off-season. Free agency starts in a week from today and the trading market reopens tomorrow afternoon. As Tanev leaves a hole in the depth chart in Pittsburgh, he also takes his annual salary cap of $ 3.5 million with him. This offers a valuable chance for the Pens to reshape their squad with one or two new players, as they hope to surround their main players with a chance to make another deep playoff run.

Farewell to the long-haired savage who was always ready to remind the opposition of their status. The Pens’ last two seasons of hockey have been pretty tough overall between constant injuries, a global pandemic, and early playoff losses, but Tanev’s play and personality was a big injection of color and fun with it. him in the picture. Good luck to him in Seattle for the next chapter of his career, he has carved a neat little niche for himself as a cult favorite that will last for years to come.


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