BRAND NEW Tesla catches fire with driver behind the wheel, then burns for 3 HOURS in suburb of Philly (PHOTOS) – RT USA News – .

BRAND NEW Tesla catches fire with driver behind the wheel, then burns for 3 HOURS in suburb of Philly (PHOTOS) – RT USA News – .

    Une Tesla Model S Plaid fraîchement sortie d'usine s'est enflammée, son chauffeur s'échappant à peine, avant de se transformer en une boule de feu géante et d'illuminer le ciel d'un quartier de Philadelphie pendant environ trois heures.

</p><div><p>La voiture électrique a pris feu mercredi à Haverford, en Pennsylvanie.  Il s'est enflammé vers 21 heures, heure locale, selon la Gladwyne Volunteer Fire Company, qui a déclaré dans un message maintenant supprimé que l'équipage avait combattu l'incendie qui faisait rage pendant environ trois heures.

Fortunately for the neighborhood and the firefighters, the two fire trucks that intervened had received specific Tesla training and were able to “Deploy hand lines to extinguish the fire, each maintain[ing] a dedicated water source and continue[ing] to cool the vehicle for almost 90 minutes.

It’s unclear how well this technique – a statement from Gladwyne Firefighters and the Marion Fire Company at Ardmore said in an article Wednesday night is called “Tesla Vehicle Fire Emergencies” – is taught, or how often firefighters should use it, but the existence of a unique tactic to subdue burning Teslas suggests the problem is more widespread than Elon Musk’s company would have drivers believe .

The driver of the fateful car, meanwhile, retained the services of a lawyer, who told Business Insider US that his client had cheated death only by a miracle.

“He somehow managed to get out of the door. And the car, shortly after he got out, turned into a fireball ”, Mark Geragos, managing partner of the Geragos & Geragos law firm, told Insider.

According to the lawyer, the driver insists he did nothing to cause the car – which was just delivered to him this weekend – to catch fire, calling the incident abnormal “Completely spontaneous”. He said his client spotted smoke first, then a fire, and after some effort he was able to get out, leaving his Tesla to roll alone on the street.

Lower Merion Township Fire Chief Charles McGarvey confirmed the electric car was not driverless when it caught fire.

An EMT working for Narberth Ambulance, who was on the scene to assist firefighters, reported that the emergency call came from a neighborhood resident who “Seen [the Tesla] hurtle down the burning road before exploding in front of their house ”, apparently after the driver has already bailed out.

The Model S Plaid, which is Tesla’s most expensive to date at $ 130,000, has only been on sale for a few weeks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is investigating the incident and has spoken to response agencies as well as Tesla itself to determine if there is a dangerous flaw in the design. of the model. “If data or investigations show that there is a defect or an inherent safety risk, NHTSA will take appropriate action to protect the public” a spokesperson told CNBC.

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