Boy, 8, dies after drowning in swimming pool in front of family and bathers – World News – .

Boy, 8, dies after drowning in swimming pool in front of family and bathers – World News – .

An eight-year-old boy has died after drowning in a swimming pool in front of bathers who did not seem to notice the incident.
Yusuf Asaf Tiktas went to a swimming pool with his parents, Saime and Engin Tiktas, in the western Turkish city of Manisa on July 7.

At one point, he entered the water with a splash via a slide by the pool.

Security camera footage showed the boy struggling in the water in front of other swimmers.

Meanwhile, her parents could be seen relaxing on lounge chairs by the pool as they didn’t notice what was going on.

The incident happened in an outdoor swimming pool

Other people by the pool also didn’t notice the struggling youngster, despite wading and his head barely above the water.

When his parents noticed he was drowning, they dragged him out of the pool.

The on-site medical team rushed him to the nearby Hafsa Sultan Celal Bayar University Hospital.

He was taken to intensive care, where he spent several days fighting for his life.

The boy died in the hospital

Little Yusuf pictured with his father

However, his brain had been deprived of oxygen and he died on July 12, leaving his parents distraught.

It is not known if the police are investigating the case.

Last month, a toddler died in hospital after being found unconscious in a wading pool on a property in Somercotes, Derbyshire.

His parents were heard shouting “please save our boy” as paramedics fought to save him, witnesses said.

The 23-month-old boy was taken to Royal Derby Hospital, where he died “despite the best efforts of staff”, a Derbyshire Police spokesperson.

La Force added, “Our hearts go out to his family at this most difficult time. “

The incident prompted water safety recalls and warnings from emergency services.


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