Boris Johnson and Priti Patel condemned for “hypocrisy” of racism in football – .

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel condemned for “hypocrisy” of racism in football – .

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have been called “hypocrites” for having condemned the racist abuse of English footballers, after their previous positions on the fight against racism.
Labor seized the Prime Minister and Home Secretary for failing to support the team by kneeling before matches – alleging they had given “a license to the racists”.

Sayeeda Warsi, the former president of the conservative party, also accused her own party of having reaped what it had sown – pointing to its struggles as “culture wars”.

And former footballer Gary Neville accused Mr Johnson of ‘promoting’ racism, in his notorious newspaper article on Muslim women looking ‘like mailboxes’.

The criticism came after the Prime Minister said the England team should be “hailed as a hero, not racial abuse,” tweeting: “Those responsible for these appalling abuses should be ashamed of them- same ”.

But, ahead of the tournament, Mr Johnson initially refused to criticize fans who hooted players for taking the knee, while Ms Patel supported their right to boo what she called ‘gesture politics’.

Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, said: “Be clear. The Prime Minister and Home Secretary have cleared the racists who booed English players and now racially abuse English players.

The two men were “like arsonists complaining about a fire that they had spilled gasoline on. Totally hypocritical, ”she tweeted.

Mr. Neville, now a television analyst, said Sky News: “When we are insulted racist after a football match at the end of a tournament, I expect it unfortunately because it exists.

“And it’s actually promoted by the prime minister, who called Muslim women’s mailboxes, said they looked like mailboxes. “

Baroness Warsi declared that the conservatives “must reflect on our role in nourishing this culture in our country”, she declared to the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.

“If we ‘hiss’ and the ‘dog’ reacts, we can’t be shocked if it barks and bites,” she tweeted.

“It’s time to stop the culture wars that fuel division. Dog whistles are gaining votes but destroying nations.

After England’s loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final, police are investigating offensive and racist comments on social media directed against ethnic minority players.

A third minister, Education Minister Gillian Keegan, also questioned taking the knee – something the team started after last year’s Black Lives Matter protests – to “create a divide “.

But Mr Neville said: “Accept and validate that players who kneel down promote equality and inclusion and stand up against racism – it comes from the top.

“You know very well that if your parents do something, your children will follow. “

And he compared the leadership skills of England boss Gareth Southgate with Mr Johnson, saying they are ‘absolutely poles apart’, adding: ‘You can be a leader and a gentleman, you can be ruthless – but have empathy and compassion. “

But Mr Johnson’s spokesperson dismissed the criticism, saying: ‘The PM has made it clear that he wants people to applaud the team, not to boo them, before England play their first game, and you saw his comments this morning condemning the horrible comments made on social media. “


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