Body bag filmed in motion after medics mistakenly said motorcyclist was dead – .

Body bag filmed in motion after medics mistakenly said motorcyclist was dead – .

A motorcyclist declared dead by clumsy paramedics following an accident in Brazil was rescued by a journalist who filmed the moving body bag.

Street vendor Raimundo da Silva, 71, suddenly fell ill on his way to work in Araguaina on Tuesday morning.

He collapsed and fell off the bike, and emergency crews rushed to his aid.

But doctors mistakenly declared Mr. da Silva dead and placed him in a body bag before leaving the scene under police surveillance before the coroner’s arrival.

Moments after they left, officers and a reporter covering the incident noticed that the bag was contracting on its own.

Journalist Geovanni Pereira told the G1 news site: “When I arrived, the bag was already closed. “

The bag can be seen moving in the footage, which saved Mr. da Silva.

Mr da Silva was mistakenly pronounced dead and placed in a body bag (Photo: CEN)
But he was saved when police officers and a journalist sent to cover the scene noticed the bag was moving (Photo: CEN)

Mr Pereira added, “They (the cops) opened it and I saw a little air bubble coming out of the corner of his mouth. I instinctively performed CPR on him for 10 minutes to help him.

Paramedics were called back to the scene and took the living man to hospital. There has been no update on its current status.

They have since said they performed CPR on the man when they were first called to the scene.

However, they declared him dead “on the basis of a technical assessment”.

They said they would review the man’s medical records to try to figure out what had happened.

Mr Pereira told G1: “We were in the right place at the right time. I think it was a miracle.

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