Bloomingdale’s to open its very first Bloomie’s store – .

Bloomingdale’s to open its very first Bloomie’s store – .

A render of the exterior of Bloomingdale’s new small-format location called Bloomie’s.
Source: Bloomingdale Public Relations
Bloomie’s is no longer just a nickname.
Luxury department store chain Bloomingdale’s announced Wednesday that it will use the nickname for a new location, which will open in Fairfax, Va. On August 26. The word Bloomie’s has been used for decades as an affectionate term by fans of the original Bloomingdale’s.

The approximately 22,000 square foot space will be much smaller than a typical Bloomingdale location, which can span over 200,000 square feet. The store will serve as a hub for experiences, with an emphasis on fashion, and will feature Colada Shop, a restaurant serving coffee, Caribbean-inspired bites and evening cocktails.

Bloomingdale’s chief executive Tony Spring described Bloomie’s as a “very edited” and “practical” version of the department store of the same name.

Bloomie’s first location will be in the Mosaic District Mall in Fairfax, Virginia.
Source: Bloomingdale Public Relations
The new Bloomie’s store will sell women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and beauty products. The merchandise on the floor will change frequently throughout the week, giving customers something new to look at every time they return.

Bloomies will offer touch-ups, a returns drop box, and stylist appointments.

The description looks a bit like the small-format boutique of rival Nordstrom, Nordstrom Local, which debuted in Los Angeles in 2017. Nordstrom’s version, however, does not include any merchandise for sale. But the strategy was to open up a pint-sized space outside the mall to meet the needs of shoppers.

The approximately 22,000 square foot Bloomie space will be much smaller than the typical Bloomingdale location, which can span over 200,000 square feet.

Source: Bloomingdale Public Relations

Bloomingdale’s owner Macy’s has previously hinted that these smaller-format locations are in the works. As part of its turnaround strategy, Macy’s is also opening additional Macy’s Backstage stores outside the mall as well as smaller Macy’s stores called Market by Macy’s. Similar to Bloomie’s, the latter has a more organized and smaller assortment of inventory.

So far, Macy’s has targeted the Atlanta and Dallas markets for its Market by Macy’s locations. In Fairfax, the first Bloomie’s will be located in the Mosaic District shopping center, operated by real estate developer Edens. Mosaic District is more of a downtown area than a shopping mall. In addition to a plethora of retailers, it is home to luxury apartment buildings, townhouses, an office tower, grocery stores for neighboring residents, and a movie theater. Bloomie’s will join retailers such as West Elm, Target and Warby Parker.

Employees behind a reception area in the store will greet customers and give them an overview of the services available.

Source: Bloomingdale Public Relations

Macy’s currently operates 33 Bloomingdale’s stores and 21 Bloomingdale’s outlet stores in the United States.

Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette has previously discussed how Bloomingdale’s, which targets high-income consumers, can serve as a testing ground for the retailer’s larger initiatives.

“Bloomingdale’s not only gives us access to higher prices, but it’s a testing platform for innovation, sharing and applying lessons learned across our brands,” Gennette told analysts at ‘a earnings conference call in May.

With Bloomie’s, the company also hopes to continue to capitalize on the luxury retail market share that was up for grabs after a number of industry players have closed stores or liquidated in recent years. This list includes Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, and Lord & Taylor.

More Bloomie stores are in the works, but locations and timing were not disclosed.


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