Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus reveals what no one tells you about cancer – .

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus reveals what no one tells you about cancer – .

Member of the Blink-182 group Marc Hoppus recently announced that he is battling cancer, but he didn’t say much about his diagnosis or situation until another question-and-answer session, recorded by YouTube account blink-182 Chile. Responding to questions from fans, Hoppus announced the specific type of cancer he suffers from and revealed some of the realities of battling the disease that people often don’t talk about. Read on to find out what Hoppus said.

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Hoppus also revealed that his mother, Kerry Wernz, beat cancer three times — breast cancer twice and spread large B-cell lymphoma once. “We have the exact form of cancer,” Hoppus said of his mother. “And she beat him up, so I got to talk to her and bond with her a bit. “

And Hoppus is determined to do the same. “We are beating this cancer,” he said. ” It’s just a matter of time. “

In 2019, Hoppus posted a photo of his mother at one of his concerts, shortly after beating cancer for the second time. “After months of chemo, her doctor cleared her out in public and her first outing was on our show in Petco Park last night,” he wrote. “This lady is a dirty ass ****. I love you mom. “

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