Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus shares he has stage 4 ‘blood-related’ cancer – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus shares he has stage 4 ‘blood-related’ cancer – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Blink-182 bassist-singer Mark Hoppus explained his cancer diagnosis during a recent live stream on Twitch, less than a month after revealing he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

“Cancer is not related to bones, it is related to blood. My blood is trying to kill me, ”the musician said in recordings captured by several YouTube accounts.

“My classification is stage IV-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which means, as I understand it, it has entered four parts of my body,” Hoppus told live viewers. “I’m not sure exactly how they determine the four parts of it, but it got into enough parts of my body that I was in stage IV, which I think is the highest. So, I am at stage IV-A.

Hoppus shared details of the “chemo brain” experience that causes him to forget information he would normally come across by chance. The singer also gave details of an upcoming medical appointment to check if the chemotherapy has worked so far. “If so, I’m going back for at least three more laps. Ideally, I go there tomorrow and they tell me, “, I hope. “

If the results are not clear, Hoppus said his next steps could possibly include a bone marrow transplant. Still, the singer remained hopeful during the livestream, telling his fans, “We’re beating this cancer, it’s only a matter of time. “

The musician recently posted updates on his diagnosis on social media, with a tweet from July 14 saying “Is chemotherapy giving me hiccups?” This Friday, he discussed a recent chemotherapy treatment, writing he “felt like a hot trash can and hasn’t really slept since.” But this morning, this minute now, I feel good. I take it. “

At the end of June, the 49-year-old bassist and singer of the beloved pop-punk group announced for the first time that he was undergoing treatment for cancer. Hoppus shared the news of his diagnosis in a statement posted on Twitter, where he revealed he had been undergoing chemotherapy for three months.

“I have cancer,” he wrote. “It sucks and I’m scared, and at the same time I’m lucky to have amazing doctors, family and friends to help me get through this. “

Hoppus went on to say that he still has months of treatment ahead, but that he “tries to stay upbeat and positive”.


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