Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are married, dress foregrounds, dancing – .

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are married, dress foregrounds, dancing – .

Still, it’s cool to see the veil up close and personal. It is as beautiful as from afar.

The longtime “Voice” couple said “yes” on Saturday during an intimate reunion at Blake’s OK Ranch, where they reportedly built a chapel just for the occasion. It is not known exactly how many people were in attendance… but it appears the guest list was quite small.

As for Gwen… well, she was shining in her white dress, which we got a pic of the day from. As you can see she was quite ecstatic… raising her arms like she had just won a race. Considering how long they’ve been dating, that might be true.

Gwen and Blake first are reunited in 2015, after meeting on the singing contest show… where they are both judges. It could have been love at first sight… because they were pretty much tied at the hip after that, finally getting engaged last year.

Blake skipped the question in October… and they just showed their cards when they planned to walk down the aisle. TMZ broke history – the Sheltons got a marriage license last week… which indicated that they would be getting married any day.

Looks like they did it the day before July 4th… because Blake had some singing homework to do during the vacation itself. A delayed honeymoon, no doubt, but we’re sure they’ll be leaving somewhere soon enough. They looked madly in love during a dance between mister and madam on Saturday, so something tells us that they’re going to want to get back to that feeling ASAP.

Oh, and we forgot to mention… there’s a stealth photobomber here in these shots – let us know if you can spot them. They may or may not be on all fours somewhere close to the ground. 🐶

Anyway… congratulations !!!


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