Biden’s Canadian Covid Blockade – WSJ – .

Biden’s Canadian Covid Blockade – WSJ – .

President Biden has a major problem on the southern border of the United States, so you might think his administration would be focusing its efforts there. But this week, he delayed the reopening of the border with Canada for an additional month over fears of the Delta variant of Covid-19.
Canadians will not be able to enter the United States until August 21, although Canada recently said it will allow Americans to travel north on August 9. This is not good neighborly American behavior, and it does not conform to what the Biden administration likes to call “science.”
Canada got off to a rocky start for its Covid vaccination program, in large part due to supply issues. But it quickly picked up the pace and now does better than the United States at getting people to roll up their sleeves. Health Canada reported this week that nearly 70% of its population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Over 50% of Canadians are now fully vaccinated, while the US rate is 48.6%.
If vaccines offer protection against severe Covid, as the Biden administration claims, then why continue the blockade against vaccinated Canadians entering the United States? And if Canadians cannot come here, why should Canada allow Americans to enter since there is more vaccine resistance in the United States?
Canadians have not been allowed to cross the U.S. border since March 24, 2020, unless they can prove they are traveling on essential business or self-quarantine for two weeks. This has considerably weakened the integrated border economy.


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